Advice from China for British government to stop the pandemic of corona virus since 23, March 23, 2020

Advice from China for British government to stop the pandemic of corona virus since 23, March 23, 2020   Dear Prime Minister Boris, I have just read your statement on coronavirus p

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Advice from China for British government to stop the pandemic of corona virus since 23, March 23, 2020






Dear Prime Minister Boris,


I have just read your statement on coronavirus published yesterday 22 March 2020. I think that you have made the same mistake that the Wuhan government made from 22nd January, 2020 to 17, Feb, 2020. If you do not believe what I say. There are two ways for you to prove whether you or I are wrong. One, you can read what the Wuhan government did  from 22nd January, 2020 to 17, Feb, 2020.

You will find that they were taking stricter action that you are doing now but that didi not slow the spread of the virus. You can read the news to prove whether what I am saying is true or not.


 You are fighting against a demon which forces you to exert all the might of all the British government  now but you still think it is a puppy which can be beaten with a stick while you used to think it is only a worm which you can squeeze with the tip of your finger.


Your mistake will cost the UK 10,000 peoples lives in the next two month because you still do not know how stealthily and quickly the virus is spreading now  and how fast it is killing people. To give you a better idea of how stealthily and quickly the virus is spreading now  and how fast it is killing people, I give you an example of Jane, a Chinese actress, who acted in American Captain 3. Her agents friend went to Italy to go skiing in late Feb with 12 other people. When the 13 people returned to America in March, all the 13 people got sick within 7 days, 5 of them got hospitalized and 3 of the five hospitalized got very ill and their doctor said that he had never such a strange disease since he practice medicine. He was refused to be diagnosed two times.



You should do what Wuhan government did since 17, Feb, 2020 and what China except Wuhan did since 24,January, 2020.



As No man is an Island entire of itself, every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main, this paper is written to help the British government stop the spread of the corona virus as soon as possible at the minimum cost and reduce the mortality rate of the British people suffering from the pandemic to the lowest level.


As the British NHS is nearing the edge of collapse very soon and the corona virus is spreading  stealthily at an extraordinarily quick pace and killing people at a lighting speed, I recommend this action plan for the British government from my observation of what happened in Wuhan, China from November,2019 to March 23, 2020  for your consideration.


The key to stop the pandemic is to keep all the British people staying at home for 14 days to stop the spread of the corona virus. If people are sick, call the doctor and get tested. If it is tested positive, people will stay cured at the hospital as soon as possible. If the test is negative, people will stay home alone for 14 days.


To be specific, my recommendations are as follows:


A, Urgent plea to the Chinese government for the support of medical staff, surgical facial masks, corona virus testing tubes, medical gowns, ventilators and equipment immediately.

Firstly,  ignorance of the stealthy, quick-spreading and quickly mortal corona virus is the worst enemy in fighting against corona virus, which is the most painful lesson that we Chinese have learned in Wuhan from December,2019.  

Secondly, prejudice against China and contempt to the Chinese government are the best allies of the corona virus.

Finally, the experience of the Chinese practitioners in curing the corona virus in Wuhan is the best support for the British doctors and nurses to cure the patients in UK.


B,  Test every person for corona virus as soon as possible. If every one can not tested, test the people who have close contact with the people who are diagnosed COID-9 postive.


C. Order the British people to stay at home and keep the size of the population living under one roof as small as possible. Preferably, one person lives in one location, an apartment, a room or a house for 14 days. If people can not live alone, everyone of the people who will live under one roof must be tested first.



D, Prepare the three-day food package composed of vegetables,meat and bread, at a low price subsidized by the British government for the low-income people. And waive the water and electricity bill for people staying at home continuously for 14 days.

To help you have a better idea of the food package, here is the price of the vegtable package in Wuhan now. Ten pounds of vegtables cost 10 yuan, which is roughly 1.22 British pounds. And one pound of 1 pork is 7 yuan which is less than 0.8 British pound. All the information above can be found on the website of Wuhan Government.


E,The food package will be delivered by volunteers who are paid by the British government and the delivery process will come public on the FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other social media.


F, Keep the vegetable and meat farms , bakery and wine shops running by providing every farm workers with corona virus tested negative. The workers will receive virus tested every day.


F, Keep the food and medicine transport running to support the whole British populations 14-day stay at home with food package medicine and other necessary service and the workers will receive virus tested every day.


G, Each person will have an electronic waist band to keep the track of their movement in the 14 days. If they go outside their home, they will be warned.


H, All the police, military force and volunteers will be on the streets to keep people staying at home, which is the only way to fight against the demon of corona virus.


I, For all the homeless and jobless people, shelter of a single room will be provided for each person.


The population of  66,488,991 in the UK living at home for free for 14 days:  The food and logistic cost per person for the stay-at-home-for-14-days plan is estimated to be 1,400 British pounds. And the total cost is roughly 1,000,000 British pounds, which is only 0,5 percent of the general domestic production of the UK in 2019. If this cost is not paid, the loss of peoples lives and economy will be 100 times more.